about us

The factory launched in 1945 in Palestine Jinin city Alarqa village established by Sheikh Ahmad Hasan Alrqawi (Abu Hussein). he began to manufacture cheese according to its high quality as a kind of cheese that make it received a great admiration and a lot of purchase orders relating to its delicious taste that makes the success continuous with progress to reach the generations of inherited sons to keep on manufacturing of cheese process After that, the son (Abu Zakarya Alarqawi) inherits this great legacy in manufacturing of cheese, he started establishing Alshiekh cheese factory with the participation of sons and grandsons seeking to keep the originality and develop the cheese manufacturing process.

Alshiekh cheese factory has followed a new method in the cheese manufacturing process ended up in establishing a private cow farms provide fresh milk and produce various types of cheese in a high quality, the factory was able to develop the manufacturing of cheese and produce Mashmoulah Cheese which is used especially to prepare Nabulsi Kunafa which is gained high demand that led to expanding and increase the productivity

Currently we try to achieve and reach the first level in cheese producing, our products have awarded a good reputation around Arab countries and the world, we export to all the world countries seeking to keep on update with everything new to stay as usual on the top

Our farms:
Our cow farms are unique in terms of kinds of cows, health care which is provided at the farms for the sake of provide the best types of fresh milk, in addition to, there is a professional medical staff and engineers to follow the cows daily